The list has been assembled by Elite Business to identify the marketing industry’s bright sparks for 2015 and the “faces worth knowing”. They said:

Behind every start-up there’s a great marketer. Taking a look at the brains behind the brands, we decided to showcase the shining lights forging the future of the industry. [Here is] our list of the UK’s most hotly tipped mobile maestros and doyennes of digital.

The Power 15 list also includes a number of the industry’s biggest names such as Adam and Eve founder Ben Priest, Grey’s Chairman and Chief Creative Officer Nils Leonard, Leo Burnett’s Global Head of Social and Mobile James Kirkham and Decoded founder Kathryn Parsons among others.

The article went on to say: The ad game is full of ideas, and nobody loves ideas more that Watt. His motto is ‘never be ordinary’ and this extraordinary soul is self-described as: part adman, part copywriter, part art director who set out to launch an agency he would be proud of. Thinking Juice was named by RAR as the UK’s Most Effective Agency in 2014. He was also named number 15 in the UK’s Marketing Power 100 – a feat he attributes to his Mum’s votes.

Gellan said: “I’m absolutely delighted to be included in Elite Business’s Media Industry Faces Power 15 – it’s amazing. In 2003 I set out to do just what it says in the article – launch an agency I would be proud of. Nothing more complicated than that. And I am very proud of it; especially the work and the people.”

“There’s been no magical formula for our – or my own – success. I just love simple brilliant, relevant, intelligent and big ideas and I work hard. I’m curious, competitive, enthusiastic and fascinated by people and understanding how they work and why they do what they do. I’m also my own biggest critic, which I think is vital to produce beautiful work that builds brands, cuts through and makes consumers smile.”

“When I see new technology I’m like a child. I’m inspired by (and incredibly jealous of) brilliant work by other agencies – whether it’s a digital innovation, beautifully art-directed press ad, breathtaking TV spot or brilliantly simple, but ultimately clever, strap line.”

“I also have a healthy and deep respect for clients. They are the real risk takers in our industry – and without them we have no business whatsoever. Listening to my clients has been one my greatest sources of inspiration and learning over the years.

“Ours truly is a wonderful industry – but certainly not for the faint hearted! And I truly believe in the importance for brands and people to ‘never be ordinary’ – there’s far too much of that going on already.”

Recent wins at the agency include briefs for Caterpillar, Barbour and Westfield.