The result? Many businesses are seeing this surge in numbers replicated across their websites with growth in mobile visits, bounce rates and in some cases, a disruption and decline in conversion rate and revenue.

A new site is often a significant investment for a business – and so we’ve put together some simple steps that might help measure the impact of mobile on your business and justify the investment required to ensure you’re ready for the new wave of technology and user behaviour.

1.    Audit your mobile users.

Take some time to measure the number of visits you are receiving from mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. Your website’s analytics will provide this information.

2.    Model your visitor trends across mobile devices.

Look at your year-on-year change in mobile visitors from the same period over the past six months to the same period a year earlier. For many clients, we are seeing over 200% growth – this is huge. What would your mobile visitor numbers look like if you apply these numbers, or realistic estimates, year on year for the next three to five years?

3.    Compare conversion rates across mobile, tablet and desktop segments.

Google Analytics and most good analytic tools enable us to segment the audience on a site by mobile, tablet and desktop users. By doing so, we can see the difference in conversion rates by device and the trends are often worrying, with desktop performing far greater than mobile or tablet.

4.    Model your lost business.

Now we know the conversion rates across desktop, mobile and tablet, take these rates and calculate the difference in sales you would achieve if the mobile and tablet users delivered the same conversion rates as the better performing desktop segment. Compare this to the same volume of sales the business would achieve without a mobile or tablet optimised platform and apply an average order value to each sale over a three year-period. This number is likely to be the potential lost business and it’s often fairly shocking.

These four steps, in many cases, should do plenty to justify the need for a new responsive or mobile/tablet-optimised site. To see how we can help, call us on +44 (0) 1202 294 114 or email [email protected]