In light of the great privacy awakening, Facebook's officially rolled out a feature that gives users more transparency and control over their data.

The new feature, called Off-Facebook Activity, gives users a summary of the third-party apps and websites that share their visit history with Facebook (i.e. more transparency as to why they’re receiving those scarily accurate, tailored ads).


Users have the option of clearing these records and, what’s more, can take it one step further and disconnect their future off-Facebook activity from their profile. The key word here being disconnect; the data will still exist but will, in theory, be detached from a user’s profile and anonymised before being shared with advertisers.

And for advertisers? It won’t reduce the number of ads people are fed, although it’ll have some implications on retargeting and custom audiences – but to what extent totally depends on how many people jump on the bandwagon of toggling off their activity…

Stay tuned for an update on this in the coming months.