With its rich and interesting history dating back to the Eighteenth Century, Kent stands as one of the oldest established companies in Great Britain; and its premium-quality brushes are nothing short of timeless.

Originally founded by William Kent in the reign of George III, and later under the creative direction of the Cosby family, Kent Brushes is a high-end producer of premium hair brushes and combs. Since their acquisition in 1932, the Cosby family have worked tirelessly to retain Kent’s reputation of craftsmanship and unprecedented quality by blending the latest hi-tech manufacturing processes with time-honoured traditional methods. To this day, even in this fast-moving and mass-produced world, Kent still makes many of its original brushes by hand.

We love working with British Heritage brands, so of course jumped at the opportunity to work with Kent; and, after a successful pitch, we’re pleased to announce we’ll be leading their brand and creative campaigns throughout 2020/21 and beyond. 

Keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for more updates on this over the coming months.