Barbour is synonymous with the slower pace of life, long-lasting garments and quality time spent with loved ones. It always has been, it always will. So, when the world quite dramatically changed at the beginning of this year, we helped Barbour be nothing but themselves.

Although times have definitely changed, Barbour’s long-lasting family values and principles have remained untouched. They wanted to adopt changes to their business in the way they know how: with purpose. So much so, they turned to making essential PPE, helping protect those who are protecting us. Just as they did in the war. So when it came to adapting their scheduled shoots, production plans and digital campaigns, we wanted to take the same approach.

In a time where we are spending more time with the people closest to us, discovering new hobbies and rediscovering old ones and rekindling our appreciation for being outdoors and nature we saw that people are actually living the Barbour way of life more than ever.

Cue: Barbour Way of Life Guides

To help people make the most of their downtime, we’ve worked alongside close friends of Barbour to create useful ‘Barbour Way of Life Guides’. Covering topics such as cherishing family time, bringing the outdoors indoors, mend hand-me-downs and learning skills to pass down to the next generation.

Barbour In-Feed_Image 2

The campaign framework took these subjects and broke them down into five easy steps. The aim was to entertain, educate and inspire Barbour’s audience, adding genuine value to their day-to-day lives in lockdown.

Barbour In-Feed_Image 3

Throughout this project, we’ve managed all parts of the content, from ideation through to delivery, working closely with friends of the Barbour brand to shoot their outlined content in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

The guides live across all of Barbour’s owned channels, from blogs to IGTV to stories and feed content.

Results & Reactions

So far, the reaction to the content has been really impressive. It’s performing incredibly well and has helped to redefine the Barbour Way of Life. But more importantly, the content is helping people in this time of need, just as we set out to do.