Azman was one of four 2nd year AUB Graphic Design student interns who joined us in the office this Summer. He was supposed to only be here for a week, but his infectious attitude (and smile), willingness to help and learn from being part of the creative team meant he stayed for three weeks. As a result, we're watching his final year at AUB with keen interest – and slightly more randomly, he’s our official photographer at this year's TJ Christmas party. Legend. Here's his story...

When you are just a student, it can feel daunting at times, looking in from the outside. The industry, and the people within seems so far away from everything we are doing now and our practice. Summer at Thinking juice was the perfect opportunity to break out from that mindset.

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Through various projects that combined multiple disciplines I got advice from a lot of people who had specialised fields and interests. This was a good opportunity to introduce myself as well as get additional help and advice in terms of the industry and careers. Everyone was more than happy to spend time with me and help me with any problems I had.

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“The biggest challenge for me was to break out of any preconceived notions of agency life, simply to get up and walk around, say 'hello' and have a conversation. I quickly learnt that people at TJ were just as interested in what I had to say as I was in them.”

One important facet of agency life I have learnt is the social aspect of it. The agency has a strong in-built culture of having fun at work and enjoying the work you do. During my time at TJ I’ve realised the importance of football, Beer Fridays, and having a celebrity lookalike.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with everyone at Thinking Juice. I would love to go back again, as there is so much more to get out of the opportunity. If I have any advice for future interns, it would be to have a laugh with everyone at the agency, and to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air beforehand.

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