Following another successful round of summer internships, the relationship between Thinking Juice and Arts University Bournemouth continues to grow this month through the setting of a creative brief.

Without a doubt, AUB’s ‘industry brief’ project is one of our highlights as it’s an opportunity to further our collaboration and we can get to know the next wave of creative minds coming out of the university.

This year, we set a large group of second year BA Graphic Design students the task of producing big campaign ideas to launch Roberts Radio’s brilliant RT100 Turntable. It was a brief borne out of TJ’s recent successful ‘Revival Reborn’ campaign that we launched at the end of the summer. Here’s how it played out.


It starts with a briefing from Luke, Stew – two of the senior creatives at TJ – and Beth, who leads the Roberts Radio account. We introduce the agency and present the brief, not knowing what to expect from the sea of faces staring back. Then we take questions – it’s an odd feeling of being comfortable but nervous, because you want to seem ‘cool’ and approachable, (without it coming across in a creepy dad way) we think we passed – just.

“My first impression of Thinking Juice was that it had a friendly, modern and professional working environment. When they introduced themselves, it became very apparent that they were passionate and excited about the work they do and were equally excited to talk to us as we were to them. Furthermore, their employment policy is ‘nice, hardworking and enthusiastic’ which really came through on the day.

I felt extremely welcome and acknowledged when visiting them and their passion for what they do was very inspiring. I can see Thinking Juice as somewhere I would work in the future and I am planning on contacting them about the possibility of an internship.” – Maisie, AUB Graphic Design student.

“Thinking Juice really stood out when deciding which industry visit I wanted to go on, the breadth of the work and the style that they delivered it really appealed to me. In terms of the way they work, I really liked the idea of a ‘thinker and a doer’. I think this style of working would suit me as often I have an idea and can’t always imagine it in other ways or physically make it.” – Yana, AUB Graphic Design student.

A week later the tables are turned and we find ourselves in a slightly more intimidating environment on-site at AUB; where we’re invited to a front-row seat as judges for the students’ hard work. There is an expectation in the air from the students to succeed and for us to be positive. It’s heart-warming to see the shy faces of the previous week start to smile when they present and we get to experience the best of a nervous, free-spirited, raw and unadulterated creative talent. We were so impressed by the quality of the ideas and responses and genuinely happy for them for how well they’ve done and all the effort they’ve put into their ideas.

This sentiment was backed by the Roberts’ marketing team:

“Wow. I really enjoyed looking at the presentations and they all had strengths – I’m impressed at the level of thinking some had gone to. I hope they enjoyed the experience despite the tough brief and short timescale, it certainly looks as though they did.”

All buzzing, the students’ relief is clear – they have every reason to feel proud of themselves and their curiosity unravels and our potential future interns begin to shine.


For many of them – like Maisie and Yana (who were brave enough to say hello), this project has offered them a lot of ‘FIRSTS’. Their first time in an agency; first time working as a group; first experience of a live brief; first opportunity to ask professionals how they can break into industry; and the first time seeing vinyl in a digital age. In our limited time together we start to break down barriers and preconceived ideas about what agency life is like, not just at Thinking Juice but our team as individuals, how we work, the roles within an agency, what we look for in future talent and what we want to achieve from this experience – beyond the creative. The entire experience is an absolute pleasure every year and keeps reminding us why we love what we do.

“We just wanted to thank Thinking Juice for all the effort they have put into the AUB industry project with students from the BA Graphic Design course and sharing your experience with us. Hosting the students at the agency was extremely beneficial as it is the first time many of them have set foot in an agency environment.

Setting a brief with such an esteemed client like Roberts Radio, means the level of feedback has been particularly insightful. It is also encouraging and motivating for the students as they can start to see themselves in a creative workplace and begin to make judgments based on their own insights and experiences.

We also value Thinking Juice’s ongoing engagement with the course in terms of feedback at the network event and giving students the opportunity of making industry contacts. The subsequent summer internship scheme has been highly successful as it gives our students direct experience and helps to raise the level of ambition and confidence in the cohort as a whole. Thank you TJ!” – Alice Stevens, Senior Lecturer, Arts University Bournemouth.

Thank you AUB, you rock.