Everybody can write, but not everybody can write well. Copywriting is a skill. Fortunately, one you can learn. 

However, this takes nothing away from copywriters, whose natural ability to craft words should never be underestimated. To help you reach the echelons of this profession, below are a few suggestions.

But be warned. If you ever want to class yourself as a copywriter, like all creatives, you must wear at least one of the following at all times: black-rimmed glasses, an indoor scarf or a check shirt.

10 tips for improving your writing. 

1. Work out what you want to say.

A good way to start is to make a list of bullet points of everything you want to cover.

2. Say it straight. Then make it great.

Write down exactly what you want to say, no matter how it sounds. Then go back and start editing and adding polish.

3. Nobody writes perfectly first time.

It may take several rewrites until you get it sounding perfect. 

4. Benefits first, not features.

Especially in headlines, people need to know what’s in it for them, otherwise they’ll turn off rapidly.

5. Vary the length of sentences.

Good copy needs rhythm and flow. Breaking up long sentences by putting shorter ones in between will help.

6. Bullets go a long way.

If your copy is getting too long and you have limited space, break it down with bullet points.

7. Top and tail.

If you’re starting off with a benefit, try to end on one as well. This will leave the reader with a positive feeling.

8. Be ruthless.

Cut anything that’s unnecessary. Every word or phrase must be there for a reason and work hard.

9. Read it back out loud.

This is a good way to test your tone of voice is hitting the mark.

10. Get fresh eyes on it. 

No matter how good a writer you are, always get your copy checked by somebody else.

Good luck. And if you ever need a second opinion on your writing, we’d be more than happy to take a look for you.