Meet Stew, our digital art director. Armed with a ridiculous amount of talent, it’s his turn in the hot seat to answer a number of questions about his role at TJ Towers.

Indulge us with a quick bio of yourself.

I live by the sea with my wife and little boy. I’ve dabbled as an all round creative, but my strength lies in digital. Unlike most digital designers, I tend to speak English rather than tech. Only my mum calls me Stewart.

What do you do at Thinking Juice?
As digital art director, I get involved in web planning, conception and design. But I poke my nose in across the whole team. I’m not sure anybody likes it, but it adds a bit more variety to my day.

What are you currently working on?
Oh, that’s a big secret.

What’s your career highlight?
What I’m working on now.

Is it true you speak in code?
I don’t. But I like to think I can translate it (but they’re all talking about me).

Mac or PC?

What websites and tutorials do you use to stay up-to-date?
I use Feedly and Evernote to collate content and articles from all the usual suspects.

What’s big at the moment in web/mobile design?
Responsive is still a very hot topic. So is the debate about responsive vs. mobile vs. app. Brands are still rushing to reach their audience on every platform.

There’s also a lot of talk around mobile payment/retail, and second screen on mobile. With the development of recent mobile platforms, expect to see lots of flat design in 2014.

What gets you most excited about mobile?
Syncing and how simple it makes real life.

Do you have a favourite website?
You know those awkward moments when you’re trying to explain how something should work, or critiquing a client’s current website? I love any site that backs up my creative stances to peers, colleagues and clients. I love any site that inspires me to be better at what I do. There are a few out there.

What’s your favourite app?
There are three that I wish I’d created.
1. I’ll be forever bowled over by Skype.
2. Evernote means I can make lists and never forget (sync heaven).
3. Pinterest (introducing Mrs. A to this has affected our marriage).

What’s the biggest mistake in mobile/web marketing?
Forgetting the importance of UX to preserve ego and aesthetic. Thinking that a website is finished just because it’s gone live. Ignoring analytics and insight. Underestimating mobile. And not realising the importance of social.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I like to doodle. Oh, and we’re currently potty training our two year old. The two things aren’t related.

What’s your Thinking Juice?
Fruit squash.