With Monday 21st June set in our sights as our final step to ‘Freedom’, the Thinking Juice office had been prescribed a day “offline” to take some time away from their screens for themselves. A cuppa with the Grandparents, a pub lunch with pals in the sunshine, a dose of group exercise and plenty of hugs were rapidly placed on order.

Despite the announcements this week now delaying restrictions lifting, we have decided to proceed with embracing this day as an opportunity to pay our thanks to the whole team. And so, after 15 months of being determined to keep the show on the road for our clients, we will be continuing to give everyone a well deserved breather and ‘day to pause’.

To our clients… All of our ongoing deadlines have been planned with this date in mind and so our work, shoots and projects will remain on track and delivered on time to you. You have our word.

We’ll be back to it bright and early on Tuesday 22nd with fresh eyes and bushy tails, ready to take on another week of zoom calls.

Thank you also for your understanding and support over this odd year and we hope to be able to see more of you in person to celebrate the new ‘freedom’ very soon!

Your TJ Team x