Since 1988, RGK have been manufacturing sport and daily wheelchairs meticulously tailored to its users. When it comes to wheelchairs, they are unbeaten on their standards, known within the industry as the number one makers of these life-enhancing products. So when they approached TJ to discuss a new brand campaign, we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Telling the RGK story…

We’ve been working alongside the team at RGK to help bring a new vision  and campaign to life. Working towards reflecting the truths about their quality, passion and dedication in an emotive campaign that will connect with potential customers in a real, powerful way.


Sending the right message

Currently, the RGK branding gives an in-depth insight into their specific USPs, but with this new brand campaign we aim to broaden the brand’s appeal — offering a rich and inclusive insight into the world of RGK and all its products.

The mission is to connect with their two main audiences: active users (those who utilise their chairs everyday activities) and performance chairs (designed for performances sports and athletes), with a unifying piece of storytelling that captures the true essence of RGK.


Lights, camera, action!

The production is underway and we have recently taken part in an exciting shoot with one of RGK’s brand ambassadors, a face you might just recognise!

We can’t give too much away, but we can tell you that the title of the piece is ‘It’s Just The Start’, with a supporting campaign centered around ambition — a sentiment that is as true of their ambassadors and customers as it is for the brand itself.

The campaign is due to go live spring 2021, so keep a close eye out on our, and the RGK social platforms.