Ignore Mobile At Your Peril

Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends are back.  We always look forward to their arrival each year.

Back in 2008, Mary forecasted that mobile usage would overtake fixed internet usage by 2013.  Whilst that may not be the case globally at present (though it is in China according to Mary), it’s clear from these latest KPCB trends that the power of mobile just keeps gaining momentum.  Momentum which marketers cannot ignore. Mobiles increasingly need to be central to campaigns, rather than peripheral to them.

Here’s a collection of our favourite recent stats concerning mobiles:

Ignore Mobile At Your Peril Infographic


See below for the full deck from KPCB, which shows how:

  • There is seemingly a huge £13.2bn ($20bn) adspend opportunity for mobile marketers right now
  • 500m photos are uploaded each day from mobile devices

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Game. Set. And match. Judy Murray chooses TJ for brand task.
Game. Set. And match. Judy Murray chooses TJ for brand task.

Game. Set. And match. Judy Murray chooses TJ for brand task. Thinking Juice, the a
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